Text 10 Apr Rollercoaster

The most difficult thing about having a great weekend is that anything after it seems disappointing.

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Holly Holm vs Nikki Knudsen

Legacy FC 24

After being turned away from the UFC, Holm tries to prove her worth when she takes on Juliana Werner for the vacant Legacy FC women’s bantamweight championship this Friday (April 4th) in the main event of Legacy FC 30.

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Funny pictures of the day (69 pics)

Because If There’s A Towel You’re Invisible


Funny pictures of the day (69 pics)
Because If There’s A Towel You’re Invisible
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Text 30 Jan 1 note 3rd Week of School

and I’m already just plain exhausted, feel beaten up and lacking alot of energy that I normally do. Today just isn’t a good day.

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Amazingly Detailed Coffee Cup Art Sold for Charity
Text 23 Jan An Apology

I’m sorry that I can be a little overwhelming at times.

I’m sorry that I can be insensitive or oblivious to other’s feelings at inappropriate moments.

I’m sorry that I can totally contradict myself.

I’m sorry for getting frustrated when I should be comforting and understanding.

I’m sorry that I tend to be a little selfish with not only my time, but yours as well.

I’m sorry that more than likely you can’t go a day without me trying to contact you through some venue or outlet.

I’m sorry that I think long term more than in the moment.

I’m sorry that albeit we have are similarities, we are 100% completely different people.

However, I am NOT sorry that each and every day I fall in love with you more and become more attached to you. The thought of losing you carries on my head, but it doesn’t outweigh the enormous amount of unconditional love I have for you. I will not apologize for doing anything that I can to try to keep you in my life and never give up on this relationship. Lastly, I will not apologize for putting this on a social media, because although PDA isn’t your thing, people need to know that I put this here for you….yes, you!

You know who you are, you know that you have my heart.

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Text 1 Dec Ahem….

Excuse me while I feel philosophical for a moment: A lot of people try to make the comparison of Paul Walker’s (or any other celebrity’s) death overly exaggerated in grief as to an armed forces member. The truth to this phenomenon is just that the veteran’s death is a possible part of the service that he/she agrees to upon enlistment; albeit as it is an important job, it MAY ultimately go unthanked. It’s not the glamour that we agree to, only the solace that we believe we have contributed to the safety and well being of our loved ones and our country. Every loss is different, but they all do one thing and that’s hurt. Showing your disgust for favoritism doesn’t remember the fallen, it brings your attention away from them.

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